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Upcoming Chapter Meetings

  • Tri Chapter Picnic Fri. 15 Sep, 2017 Tri Chapter Picnic Higuera Adobe Park, 679-715 Wessex Pl. Milpitas, CA  95035 Friday, September 15th, 201711:30 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. Registration...
  • Chapter Meeting - San Leandro Tue. 10 Oct, 2017 Breakfast/social begins at 8:30 AM.  Meeting begins at 9:00 AM. The Englander, 101 Parrott Street, San Leandro (510) 357-3571 Directions:  From...
  • Chapter Meeting - San Ramon Tue. 14 Nov, 2017 Breakfast/social begins at 8:30 AM.  Meeting begins at 9:00 AM. San Ramon Community Center (Terrace Room), 12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon (925) 97...
  • Chapter Meeting - San Leandro Tue. 12 Dec, 2017 Breakfast/social begins at 8:30 AM.  Meeting begins at 9:00 AM. The Englander, 101 Parrott Street, San Leandro (510) 357-3571 Directions:  From...
  • East Bay ICC Installation Dinner Sat. 20 Jan, 2018 The 2018 East Bay ICC Installation dinner will be on Saturday, January 20th, at Scott's Seafood - Jack London Square, #2 Broadway, Oa...


East Bay ICC Meetings, Agenda and Minutes

Meetings are generally held the 2nd Tuesday of each month, with the exception of when Tri-Chapter meetings are held periodically during the year. The Chapter Meetings Schedule below contains annual listings of the meeting times and locations for both regular meetings and the Tri-Chapter meetings. The Agenda and Minutes section below provides specific agenda and minutes for the meetings.

Chapter Meetings Schedule


pdf2017_Tri-Chapter_ABM_registration_flyer.pdf132.06 KB

     pdf2017_Tri_Chapter_ABM_Agenda_-_draft_040417.pdf227.69 KB

 pdf2017_Installation_Dinner_ICC_EB_Revised.pdf181.64 KB
pdf2017_Meeting_Schedule_ICC_EB.pdf42.46 KB
pdf2017_Membership_Form_ICC_EB.pdf28.03 KB


Agenda (Last 12 Month)

pdf2017_Tri-Chapter_ABM_registration_flyer.pdf132.06 KB


 pdf2017_03_14_ICC_EB_Agenda_San_Ramon_Comm_Ctr.pdf168.87 KB
pdf2016_11_08_East_Bay_San_Ramon_Agenda.pdf193.77 KB
pdf2016_10_11_East_Bay_San_Leandro_Agenda.pdf285.04 KB
pdf2016_09_09_ICC_Tri_Chapter_Flyer_3.pdf184.8 KB
pdf2016_08_09_San_Ramon_Agenda_Revised.pdf266.62 KB
pdf2016_07_12_ICC_East_Bay_San_Leandro_Agenda.pdf295.14 KB
               Presentation: pdf2016_07_12_DR_in_T24_Tri-Chapter.pdf1.7 MB
pdf2016_06_10_Tri_Chapter_Agenda_-_final_.pdf157.31 KB
pdf2016_06_10_Tri-Chapter_Meeting_registration_revised.pdf132.33 KB
pdf2016_05_10_East_Bay_San_Ramon_Agenda.pdf29.9 KB
pdfPart_1_of_2_Significant_Changes_for_2016_-_May_10_2016.pdf1.6 MB
pdfPart_2_of_2_Significant_Changes_for_2016_-_May_10_2016.pdf1.29 MB
pdfPart_1_of_2_Code_Adoption_Workshop_-_May_10_2016.pdf1.63 MB
pdfPart_2_of_2_Code_Adoption_Workshop_-_May_10_2016.pdf1.48 MB
pdf2016_04_12_East_Bay_San_Leandro_Agenda.pdf281.37 KB
  • March 8, 2016 Meeting Canceled
pdf2016_02_09_East_Bay_San_Leandro_Agenda.pdf65.84 KB


Minutes (Last 12 Month)

pdf2017_02_14_ICC_EB_Meeting_Minutes.pdf108.65 KB

       pdf2017_02_14_ICC_EB_Attachement_Meeting_Minutes.pdf189.82 KB

pdf2016_12_13_ICC_EB_Meeting_Minutes.pdf105.61 KB
pdf2016_11_08_East_Bay_San_Ramon_Minutes.pdf684.69 KB
pdf2016_10_11_East_Bay_San_Leandro_Minutes.pdf291.61 KB
pdf2016_05_10_East_Bay_San_Ramon_Minutes.pdf194.11 KB
 pdf2016_02_East_Bay_Minutes.pdf308.68 KB
pdf2015_12_08_ICC_East_Bay_Minutes_San_Leandro.pdf278.15 KB
pdf2015 11 10 East Bay Minutes San Ramon.pdf269.7 KB
pdf2015 07 14 Meeting Minutes.pdf34.14 KB


Treasury Reports (Last 12 Month)

pdf2016_11_ICC_East_Bay_Treasurer_Report.pdf977.26 KB
pdf2016_10_ICC_East_Bay_Treasurer_Report.pdf342.4 KB
pdf2016_09_ICC_East_Bay_Treasurer_Report.pdf337.17 KB
pdf2016_08_ICC_East_Bay_Treasurer_Report.pdf342.78 KB
pdf2016_07_ICC_East_Bay_Treasurer_Report.pdf339.89 KB
pdf2016_06_ICC_East_Bay_Treasurer_Report.pdf335.36 KB
pdf2016_05_ICC_East_Bay_Treasurer_Report.pdf349.14 KB
pdf2016_03_ICC_East_Bay_Treasurer_Report.pdf333.85 KB
pdf2016_02_ICC_East_Bay_Treasurer_Report.pdf170.93 KB
pdf2016_01_ICC_East_Bay_Treasurer_Report.pdf170.26 KB







































































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