TUCC Mission

The ICC Tri-Chapter Uniform Code Committee is committed to enhance regional consistency in the application and enforcement of the codes by developing guidelines for code interpretation.


TUCC Meetings

Normal Meeting Schedule: Second Thursday of each month, unless otherwise indicated
Time: 12:30 pm to 3:00pm
Place: Dublin City Hall, 100 Civic Plaza, Dublin CA

Agenda (Last 12 Months)

pdf2019_05_09_TUCC_Agenda_Dublin.pdf46.95 KB
pdf2019_03_07_TUCC_Agenda_Dublin.pdf47.1 KB
pdf2019_02_14_TUCC_Agenda_Milpitas.pdf90.76 KB
pdf2019_01_10_TUCC_Agenda_Dublin.pdf47.26 KB
pdf2018_12_13_TUCC_Agenda_Milpitas.pdf105 KB
pdf2018_11_08_TUCC_Agenda_Dublin.pdf104.52 KB
pdf2018_10_11_TUCC_Agenda_Milpitas.pdf91.23 KB
pdf2018_09_20_TUCC_Agenda_Dublin.pdf107.5 KB
pdf2018_08_09_TUCC_Agenda.pdf31.47 KB
pdf2018_07_12_TUCC_Agenda.pdf102.85 KB
pdf2018_06_14_TUCC_Agenda.pdf92.15 KB

Minutes (Last 12 Months)

pdf2019_05_09_TUCC_Minutes.pdf109.63 KB
pdf2019_04_11_TUCC_Minutes.pdf114.9 KB
pdf2019_03_07_TUCC_Minutes.pdf106.97 KB
pdf2019_02_14_TUCC_Minutes.pdf123.23 KB
pdf2019_01_10_TUCC_Minutes_Rev.pdf127.5 KB
pdf2018_12_13_TUCC_Minutes.pdf160.9 KB
pdf2018_11_08_TUCC_Minutes.pdf179.67 KB
pdf2018_10_11_TUCC_Minutes.pdf118.28 KB
pdf2018_09_20_TUCC_Minutes.pdf119.83 KB
pdf2018_08_09_TUCC_Minutes.pdf121.79 KB
pdf2018_07_12_TUCC_Minutes.pdf120.42 KB
pdf2018_06_14_TUCC_Minutes_Rev.pdf201.36 KB


TUCC Interpretations and Recomendations

Policy Index

pdfPolicy_Index.pdf149.29 KB

Updated Policies for 2016 CBC

pdfTUCC_Policy_1_Party_Walls.pdf252.54 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_10_Maintaing_Existing_Corridor.pdf188.16 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_11-1_-_Resi_Roof_Mounted_PV_Systems.pdf298.91 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_12_-_Shear_Wall_Continuous_Tie-Down.pdf38.46 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_13_Soils_Rept_Exempt.pdf191.16 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_16_-_Underfloor_Clearance_and_Ventilation.pdf38.4 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_17_EV_SFR.pdf221.32 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_19_-_Plumbing_Fixture_Replacement_Cert_Form.pdf420.6 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-1_-_Multifamily_Podium_-_Bathtub_Reinforcement.pdf316.67 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-2_-_Multifamily_Podium_-_Garage_Exhaust.pdf415.19 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-3_-_Multifamily_Type_III_FRT_Ext_Wall.pdf349.54 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-4_Parking_Garage_Natural_Ventilation_at_Court_or_Yard.pdf37.94 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-5_-_Multifamily_Balcony_Vents.pdf318.01 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-6_-_Multifamily_Structures Dryer Exh.pdf182.42 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-7_columns_protection_light_frame.pdf164.21 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_22_-_Permitting_Requirements_for_Nonresidential_Lighting_Alterations.pdf181.3 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_23_-_Standards_for_Construction_Site_Fire_Safety.pdf248.64 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_24_-_Listing_Labeling_Electrical_Equipment.pdf179.67 KB
pdfTUCC_Amendment_Structural_1_2016_CBC.pdf98.87 KB
pdfTUCC_Amendment_Structural_2_2016_CBC.pdf106.59 KB
pdfTUCC_Amendment_Structural_4_2016_CRC.pdf100.1 KB

2013 CBC Policies

pdfTUCC_Policy_21-7_columns_protection_light_frame.pdf164.91 KB

pdfTUCC_Policy_21-6_-_Multifamily_Structures.pdf182.49 KB - Domestic Dryer Exhaust Duct Length

pdfTUCC Policy 21-5 - Multifamily Balcony Vents.pdf311.72 KB

pdfTUCC Policy 21-4 Parking Garage Natural Ventilation at Court or Yard.pdf39.19 KB

pdfTUCC Policy 21-3 - Multifamily Type III FRT Ext Wall.pdf310.23 KB

        pdfTUCC Policy 21-3 - Multifamily Type III FRT Detail.pdf124.59 KB

pdf2015 05 TUCC Code Change Committee Proposals.pdf287.78 KB
pdfTUCC Policy 21-2 - Multifamily Podium - Garage Exhaust.pdf101.05 KB
pdfTUCC Policy 21-1 - Multifamily Podium - Bathtub Reinforcement.pdf80.35 KB


pdf2014 04 10 Revised TUCC Policy 01 - Party Walls.pdf77.07 KB
pdf2014 05 08 Revised TUCC Policy 07 - Common Path of Egress Travel.pdf129.88 KB
pdf2014 04 10 Revised TUCC Policy 10 - Corridors in Existing Buildings.pdf114.04 KB
pdf2014 05 08 Revised TUCC Policy 11 - SFR PV.pdf307.96 KB
pdf2014 03 13 Revised TUCC Policy 12 - Shear Wall Continuous Tie-Down.pdf35.2 KB
pdf2014 04 10 TUCC Policy 13 - Exemption of Soils Investigation.pdf37.88 KB
pdf2014 04 10 Revised TUCC Policy 15 - Suspended Ceiling.pdf73.95 KB
pdf2014 05 08 Revised TUCC Policy 16 - Underfloor Clearance and Ventilation.pdf82.36 KB
pdf2014 03 13 Revised TUCC Policy 17 - EV SFR.pdf155.71 KB
pdf2014 03 13 Revised TUCC Policy 18 - EV Commercial Guidelines.pdf165.88 KB
pdf2014 04 11 TUCC Policy 20 - Adhesive Anchors.pdf230.39 KB


pdf2013 1 TUCC Amendment Structural CBC.pdf74.5 KB
pdf2013 2 TUCC Amendment Structural CBC.pdf82.6 KB
pdf2013 3 TUCC Amendment Structural CRC.pdf36.48 KB
pdf2013 4 TUCC Amendment Structural CBC.pdf77.66 KB

Older Policies

docTUCC Policy 19 - Plumbing Fixture Replacement Cert Form Civil Code.doc331.5 KB
docTUCC policy 14 - Revised 4-14-11 - Simplified Wind Load Provisions177 KB