2021   Franc Moufarrej   City of Livermore
2020   Russell Adams    
2019   Ally Watts   City & County of San Francisco
2018   Doug Martin   City of Livermore
2017   Christina Kiefer   San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District
2016   Sharon Goei   City of Santa Clara
2015   Mark Soltes   City of El Cerrito
2014   Allen Lang   County of Alameda
2013   George Thomas   City of Pleasanton
2012   David J. Rashe   City of Livermore
2011   Ray Kansara   RK Associates
2010   Vance Phillips   City of Concord
2009   Todd Bailey   TRB and Associates, Inc.
2008   Massoud Abolhoda   City of Fremont
2007   Gregory Shriver   Independent Code Consultants
2006   Kevin Powers   LP2A
2005   Gregory Shreeve   City of Dublin
2004   Terry O'Hara   City of Pleasanton
2003   Greg McFann   City of Alameda
2002   Joan MacQuarrie   City of Berkeley
2001   Steve Mitchell   City of Livermore
2001   Roger Sharpe   City of Walnut Creek
2000   Stephan Kiefer   City of Livermore
1999   Massoud Abolhoda   City of Fremont
1998   R. Clark Gertner   City of Oakland
1997   William Schock   City of San Leandro
1996   Franklin Lew   Contra Costa County
1995   Margret Elliott   City of Emeryville
1994   June Rhoades   City of Lathrop
1993   Jack Aiello   City of Concord
1992   Don Rhoades   City of San Ramon
1991   Steve Mitchell   City of El Cerrito
1990   Gary Smith   City of Pleasanton
1989   Tony C'de Baca   City of San Ramon
1988   William Martindale   Contra Costa County
1987   Carlos Baltodano   City of Berkeley
1986   Robert Epstine   City of Fremont
1985   Jim Barthman   City of Oakland
1984   Brian Heffron   City of Alameda
1983   Leon McNeil   City of Pleasant Hill
1982   Vic Taugher   Alameda County
1981   Fred Cullum   City of Pleasanton
1980   Stanley Wheeler   City of Livermore
1979   Roger Sharpe   City of Berkeley
1978   James Hooper   City of Pinole
1977   Robert Giese   Contra Costa County
1976   Phil Phillips   City of San Leandro
1975   Brian Heffron   City of Alameda
1974   Robert Griffin   City of Hayward
1973   William Martindale   City of El Cerrito
1972   Vic Taugher   Alameda County
1971   Jack Atkins   City of Berkeley
1970   Herbert Street   City of Livermore
1969   Warren Harrell   City of Newark
1968   John Canestro   City of El Cerrito
1967   John Carrico   City of Martinez
1966   Steve Kozak   City of Pinole
1965   Earnest Nelson   City of San Leandro
1964   T. McLeod   City of Walnut Creek
1963   Jack Coates   City of El Cerrito
1962   George Berry   City of Berkeley
1961   Don Teter   City of Fremont
1960   R. Gillman   City of Concord
1959   B. Fullerton   City of Livermore
1958   P. Ortoljo   City of Oakland
1957   Bruce Randall   Alameda County
1956   Robert Drysdale   City of Hayward
1955   D. Foraker   City of San Leandro
1954   Rudolph Kraintz   Contra Costa County
1953   Carl Clarke   City of Livermore
1952   Howard Neighbor   City of Berkeley
1951   John Herbert   City of Vallejo
1950   Burgess Poole   City of Richmond
1949   Rudolph Kraintz   Contra Costa County